Tournament Results Gallery

Prairie DuChien, Wisconsin September 11th 2022

Redwing, MN May 22nd 2022

Clinton, Iowa April 10th 2022

Dubuque, Iowa October 17th 2021 Day 2 Championship

Dubuque, Iowa October 16th 2021 Day 1 Championship

Clinton, Iowa September 12th, 2021

Prairie DuChien, Wisconsin May 16th, 2021

Genoa, Wisconsin April 11th, 2021

Dubuque, Ia October 18th 2020 Day 2 of Championship Pictures

Dubuque, Ia October 17th 2020 Day 1 of Championship Pictures

Prairie Du Chien, WI September 20th 2020 Pictures

Clinton, Ia August 16th 2020 Pictures

Genoa, WI July 12th 2020 Pictures

Prairie Du Chien , Wi October 20th 2019 Championship Pictures

Clinton, Iowa August 26th 2019 Pictures

Dubuque, Iowa May 19th 2019 Pictures

Bellevue, Iowa May 18th 2019 Pictures

Genoa, Wisconsin April 7th 2019 Pictures

Genoa, Wisconsin June 24th 2018 Pictures

Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin June 3rd 2018 Pictures

Bellevue, Iowa April 22nd 2018 Pictures

Dubuque, Iowa October 8th 2017 Pictures

Bellevue, Iowa July 9th 2017 Pictures


Clinton, Iowa June 25th, 2017 Pictures

Genoa, Wisconsin April 2nd, 2017 Pictures

Spring Valley, Illinois March 12th, 2017 Pictures

Genoa, Wisconsin April 3rd, 2016 Results Presentation

Dubuque, Iowa April 24th 2016

Clinton, Iowa June 5th 2016

Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin June 26th 2016