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August 25th, 2020

WAT Prairie Du Chein 2020 FACT SHEET


WAT Clinton 2020 FACT SHEET 8-6-20

UPDATE 8-7-20, We will have the Weigh in at the Candlelight inn, under their back porch. 

Please note for the August 16th, Clinton Tournament the rules meeting will be at the 9th street boat ramp Saturday the 15th at 5 pm. We are also working on a new Weigh in site, Lyons Tap had a positive case of Covid and closed for 3 weeks. We will keep you all posted. 

2020 Whos fishing Clinton 8-16-20

June 5th, 2020

Good Morning Anglers,


I have worked with the Iowa and Wisconsin DNR over the past 2 weeks to get our tournaments rescheduled for 2020.  I have attached a revised copy for your review.  While Wisconsin seems to be a little more relaxed on the guidelines, we will start the year in Genoa on July 12th.  We will be launching at 6 am instead of 7am in an effort to beat some of the heat and summer recreational boat traffic in both Genoa and Clinton.  That means we will have check-in back at 2 pm for each site.  Clinton is rescheduled for August 16th.  We will have to see if Iowa relaxes some of its fishing guidelines by the time we have our tournament.  If they do not, all Anglers will have to wear a face mask or face shield and we will have to practice social distancing at both locations.  We may have to reformat the weigh in at Lyons Tap if the restrictions do not relax by then.  The Iowa DNR plans to be at the ramps during take off and check in to make sure we are following their guidelines and we will not be able to accept sign up on site.  All sign ups for the Clinton tournament will have to be made by August 15th.  Our rules meeting will more than likely be an email or outside gathering where we can practice social distancing for Clinton.  I will send out more details about Clinton or discuss further at the Genoa tournament.  Genoa will be run just like the normal tourney with the exception of the launch and check-in times.  Rules meeting will be at Tuna’s on Saturday, July 11 at 5 pm.  All registrations must be turned in by 4:45 pm on the 11th.   


I know some of you have expressed concern about the NTC being rescheduled but we are unable to move our fall tournaments with all the other disruption to our schedule.  Hope you can understand.


Thanks again for your patience as we worked to get these rescheduled and hope everyone is safe and healthy!


Jason Hughes

Tournament Director

Walleye Anglers Trail


Revised 2020 WAT Schedule (002)

2020 Early Bird Letter

WAT 2020 Tournament Selection Form

2020 Schedule below,

Early Bird Draw Party is February 21st at 630 pm at Catfish Charlies. 

April 19th Clinton, Iowa at Lyons Tap Bar

May 17th Genoa, Wisconsin at Tunas Bar

September 20th  Prairie DuChien Crooked Oar Bar and Grill

October 17th & 18th Dubuque,  Catfish Charlies, (2 Day Championship)