October 28th 2022, 

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October 17th 2022,

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Developed in 1996, the Walleye Anglers Trail is the premier competitive team walleye fishing circuit in the Iowa-Wisconsin-Illinois tri-state region.
Consisting of four one-day qualifying events and a season championship contested mostly on the iconic Mississippi River, the W.A.T. provides the ultimate test of angling skill in a variety of often changing conditions.
Some of the sport’s most accomplished anglers fish the W.A.T., including Professional Walleye Trail champions, Masters Walleye Circuit World Walleye champs and Cabela’s National Team Championship winners.
But it’s also made up of father-son, father-daughter, husband-wife and brother-brother teams who embrace the competition and the challenge, but also the camaraderie, the experience and the memories that are made on the water.
Why W.A.T.? Why not?

“I like the people, number one, and the camaraderie. And it’s a constant learning experience. It’s fun to watch these young guys get into fishing and develop an interest in it. All the guys in the W.A.T. are very skilled river fishermen, but they’re helpful, too.”
— Kevin Oyen, current W.A.T. owner, angler

“Our fishery is better now than it was 20 or 25 years ago. You catch a lot of big fish, and you can go out and catch a limit or two of fish every day. That should interest young people. It’s a good learning process, too. You see everything.”
— Maury Schmerbach, five W.A.T. Team of the Year titles

“It exposes you, I feel like, to five different levels of walleye fishing — water level, water clarity, wind factor, structure and current. If you can catch walleyes on any chain of moving water in a river system, I feel like it’s a lot easier to adapt to a lake.”
— Harry Miller, original W.A.T. founder and nine-time winner

“I want to learn more about the river, and the competition is incredible!”
— Tommy Skarlis, 2017 & 2018 World Walleye Champion,  PWT, MWC , W.A.T. champion



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